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New Work- Acrylic on Plexiglas

I just started working on recycled plexiglas.  The finished piece is mounted to a 1" board so that the clear frame shows through to the wall.   The glass is 1/4" thick and I have painted on the back as well, so the colors shift as you move past the piece.  Look at the detail shots to see this in action.

"The Evening Tide Appeals To The Tormented Sun"
image size 8 1/2" X 10".

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Was it really hard to work with as a medium/format?
I had thought about that or glass and some ideas with it but had'nt gotten the time or the money to do it.
I started with reverse painting on glass using oil. If you look back at my journal you can see some of these. I had gotten frustrated with the glare from the glass and switched to anti-reflective glass (different from non glare) but is was expensive, hard to keep clean, and what if it breaks.

The Plexi has been great. I went around to sign shops and plastic co. to find scraps they were throwing away. Of course this predicts the small size which I am still getting used to. I sand the entire surface and mask off the edges. The only cost then is paint, a board and hanger for the back. Reducing framing cost was another factor and presto, no frame and a clean modern looking piece.

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That's so much. Getting the discarded pieces for me ties in to an environmental consciousness also. Plastic will remain plastic in a landfill forever, yuk. I will also remain a stable paint medium forever :D
Thank You!
Wow this is absolutely incredible! Great work!
Thanks you very much :)