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Hello all,
I haven't done Art By The Inch yet, but would like to try it this year.

For those of you who've done it, how do you feel about the focus on generating inches? How would it feel different to work instead towards a set number of "works," perhaps one small thing each day? Focusing on inches gives more flexibility of scale, but it's a little less "portioned," meaning, you don't necessarily generate something regularly over the entire period. Do you find that doesn't pose a problem, that knowing you need to complete the inches is plenty inspiration to keep you going? I'm just thinking about what kind of structure would be the most inspiring to work in, and there are so many different ways to do this.

What if there was a community for generating an Artist Trading Card each day?
Or a hand-designed postcard each day, perhaps mailed (by mail, or electronically) to a central location each day to be logged and put in a gallery? Would those be of interest?

The Art By The Inch website seems to be out of date, and I've gotten no reply trying to email the person who runs it. Would another web site be helpful - something to which you could freely upload into the gallery, and view works by day or by person? Or is the livejournal community plenty enough structure for the purpose?

I'm just interested in the concept and all the things that could be done in this area. Thanks for sharing any ideas or input!

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